Berlin, December 13, 2023

Intelligent technology meets award-winning design

DoorBird D21x door stations honored with the 2024 German Design Award

DoorBird stands for the combination of modern IP technology with an exclusive design. Our products are characterized by high-quality materials and straightforward design. The IP video door stations from the D21x series were recognized with the German Design Award in the “Excellent Product Design – Building and Elements” category with the “Winner” label by the German Design Council for their design.

“The DoorBird D21x IP Video smart door station’s timeless, clean look gives entrances a premium touch. Thanks to the wide choice of materials and colors, it can either be discreetly integrated into the wall or become a striking eye-catcher,” said the panel, explaining their decision.

Last year, DoorBird received a “Special Mention” from the German Design Award for the A1121 IP access control system, the D11x series door stations and the A1101 indoor station, which recognizes outstanding design achievements that feature a special approach.

Since 2012, the German Design Award has been awarded annually to submissions in the three main categories “Excellent Product Design”, “Excellent Communications Design”, and “Excellent Architecture”. It is one of the most prestigious cross-industry awards in the design world. The awards are judged in a multi-stage process by a panel of renowned design experts from business, education, academia, and the design industry.

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