Berlin, March 26th, 2024

International Design Award for DoorBird

The door stations and indoor station continue to impress with excellence in design

DoorBird is delighted once again over the special recognition of its D11x series’ design. The door stations were awarded the Silver International Design Award in the following categories: “Consumer Electronics / Building Security Systems: Work and Industrial” and “Consumer Electronics / Building Electrical: Switches, Temperature & Control Systems.” The D21x series as well as the A1101 indoor station also received honorable mentions. The award not only acknowledges the visually appealing design of our products but recognizes their user-friendly features that help improve life. Having our design performance acknowledged again confirms to us that we are on the right track when it comes to the continued development of new intelligent door communication solutions that unite modern technology with exclusive design.

The International Design Award honors outstanding design in the disciplines of architectural design, interior architecture, graphic design, fashion design, and product design. The “Building Security Systems: Work” category focuses on aspects such as robustness, scalability, advanced analytics, and compatibility with industrial processes that ensure security in professional environments. The core aspects of the “Building Electrical: Switches, Temperature & Control Systems” category are user-friendly interfaces, energy efficiency, automation, and aesthetic integration in architecture.

The award winners in all categories are listed here: https://www.idesignawards.com/winners/

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