Berlin, April 16th, 2024

Digital Champions 2024: DoorBird in the Top 5

Focus Money identifies smart companies together with Deutschland Test

The progress of digitalization can’t be stopped and is now an indispensable part of everyday life. Companies must regard the incentives of digitalization from all sides and incorporate relevant ones into their processes in order to be able to act and remain competitive in the long term. With these issues in mind, the “Digital Champions 2024” study analyzed nearly 12,300 companies by way of social media listening and an online survey, and DoorBird was given an award in the category of “Smart Home Solution Provider.”

As a provider of smart IP access control systems, DoorBird feels at home in the digital world. The products from DoorBird themselves aren’t only on the cutting edge of technology and constantly being further developed or completely redesigned, the work itself is also organized digitally. Multiple locations and sales activities around the globe enable the most efficient digital exchange (of data) with colleagues, suppliers, partner companies, and customers. The requisite structures are maintained in-house and employees are provided with training—the digital life is in our DNA.

All award-winning companies and details about the methodology are available at: https://servicevalue.de/ranking/digital-champions-deutschland-test/

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