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Berlin / San Francisco, August 8, 2018

DoorBird D2101KV provides safe, efficient and cutting-edge access control

Berlin-based manufacturer, Bird Home Automation Group, has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of the new DoorBird D2101KV IP video door intercom. The new model is equipped with one call button and a multifunctional keypad which makes it ideal for single-family homes, hotels and commercial spaces that require a safe and efficient access control solution.

The D2101KV IP video door intercom is the first DoorBird product that combines a doorbell with an integrated keypad. The backlit call button operates as a doorbell or an automatic door opener within individually set time windows. With 12 backlit buttons, the multifunctional keypad enables secure access control for single-family homes and business premises, e.g. health care facilities and law firms.

The new D2101KV offers all the DoorBird functions one would expect. Features such as visitor history and push notifications to a smart device or IP phone are available. In addition, PIN codes, scheduling and permissions for the integrated keypad can be comfortably managed in the DoorBird app. The user can generate and assign PIN codes from anywhere in the world to grant access to the premises to visitors or service providers. The integrated keypad can also send HTTP requests to home automation systems to trigger events, e.g. arming burglar alarm or controlling motorized shades.

Like the existing DoorBird D21x models which up to now included either call buttons or an integrated keypad, the D2101KV comes in stainless steel. The weatherproof housing contains high-quality components such as a HD 180° wide-angle, hemispheric lens camera, and a two-way echo and noise cancelling audio system. The model also has a built-in RFID reader and a 4D motion sensor. These features combined with the integrated keypad make the D2101KV a powerful IP video door intercom and access control solution.

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The DoorBird D2101KV with an integrated keypad and one call button
The DoorBird D2101KV provides safe and efficient access control