Press release
Berlin, January 14, 2015

DoorBird – The New Smartphone Video Doorbell

The smartphone video doorbell “DoorBird” has been unveiled for the first time at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas. The creators of DoorBird wanted to develop a smartphone video doorbell that is affordable while still offering high standards of quality, functionality and design.

DoorBird was developed by the company “1000eyes” that brought you the multiple award-winning and internationally acclaimed IP video intercom system “myintercom” which was created for customers in the premium sector and by the former owners of Europe’s largest Apple dealership “GRAVIS”. The proprietors of “GRAVIS” are now moving onto new ventures.

There are already a large range of “connect home“ products on the market – window shades, electric jugs or bedside lamps that can be controlled by apps. For us, home automation begins at the front door, and we can envisage a great many applications for home occupants with this.

Everyone knows the situation: You are comfortably on the sofa or out in the yard when someone rings the doorbell. You immediately want to know who is at the door. With the DoorBird, you get a push message on your smartphone as soon as a visitor rings. You can see your visitor with the DoorBird app, talk to them and even open the door. Both iPhones and iPads are supported as well as Android phones and tablets. It even works when you are out and about. It all happens over the internet with no limit on range and, of course, with the latest encryption technology at standards used in the banking sector. No more need to plan your day around package deliveries or tradespeople. You can coordinate visits from your office or home while on the road. And if you like, you can even store each visit with the time and a picture in the doorbell’s visitor history.

The DoorBird not only increases comfort for home occupants of every age, but also the level of security. With the integrated HD camera and night vision feature, you know exactly who is at the door at all times, and with the built-in infrared motion sensor, you can be notified even if the visitor has not rung the bell, actively preventing break-ins. A large proportion of home break-ins take place through the front door. The DoorBird means you are virtually always at home.

From the second quarter of 2015, an add-on camera will be available which will allow you to see what the visitor is doing inside your home after the door has been opened, such as when the delivery service needs to leave a package inside the house, rather than on the porch.

Installing the DoorBird video doorbell is a child’s play. It works over WiFi or through a network cable if that is your preference.

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