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Berlin, July 31, 2018

DoorBird and KIWI announce collaboration

The Bird Home Automation Group, manufacturer of DoorBird IP video intercoms, and the PropTech company KIWI.KI GmbH announced their collaboration today. The DoorBird D301, the IP Upgrade for analog door intercoms, is now compatible with the KIWI locking system. The companies have partnered to create an integration solution ideal for businesses requiring the ability to access clients’ residences to perform contracted services. Businesses providing home and elder care as well as cleaning and grounds keeping services can now flexibly manage and open authorized doors using the KIWI keyless access control platform.

The DoorBird D301 enables tenants in apartment buildings to convert their existing analog door intercoms into app-based, smart door intercoms. When a visitor rings at the entrance door, the user receives a push notification on their smart device. The user can then speak with the visitor and open the house or apartment door using the DoorBird App. This allows for secure keyless access to the entrance area of the apartment building and, optionally, to the apartment.

With KIWI doors can also be opened keylessly. The PropTech (Property Technology) company offers a digital locking system for doors of apartment buildings. The KIWI transponder, app, and portal allow users to open doors and manage access privileges digitally. This way, KIWI digitizes key management for the housing industry and, moreover, serves as a platform for services that require access to buildings and apartments, such as parcel services or garbage collection companies.

“The integration of DoorBird into the KIWI platform benefits businesses providing home and elder care in particular, as they can now manage and open house and apartment doors easily. This new branch of business strengthens our market position as the leading manufacturer of IP door intercoms and smart upgrades for analog doorbells with the widest variety of compatibility options,” says Sascha Keller, CEO of the Bird Home Automation Group.

“With DoorBird we can expand our product portfolio, offering our customers even more flexible use of KIWI. We are especially pleased that DoorBird is a technology company based in Berlin, just like KIWI,” says KIWI co-founder and Executive Director Claudia Nagel explaining her reasons for the cooperation.

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