Press release
Berlin / San Francisco, September 20, 2015

DoorBird – now starting international sales as part of its strategic development

DoorBird, the leading name in the European WiFi doorbell system market announces that it is starting to sell its smartphone doorbell internationally. As part of its strategic development DoorBird opened its first San Francisco office in August. From there, and the headquarter in Berlin, the team of the high quality WiFi doorbell system DoorBird with its add-on camera BirdGuard will mainly focus on market growth through creating new partnerships.

Everyone knows the situation: you’re comfortably on the sofa or out in the yard when someone rings the doorbell. You immediately want to know who’s at the door. With the DoorBird, you get a push message on your smartphone as soon as a visitor rings. You can see your visitor with the DoorBird app, talk to them and even open the door. Both iPhones and iPads are supported as well as Android phones and tablets. It even works when you’re out and about. It all happens over the internet with no limit on range and of course, with the latest encryption technology at standards used in the banking sector. No more need to plan your day around package deliveries or tradespeople. You can coordinate visits from your office or home while on the road. And if you like, you can even store each visit with the time and a picture in the doorbell’s visitor history.

CEO and founder Dr. Bernd Mueller says: “Expanding our business all over the world is a very exciting step for DoorBird. At DoorBird we are proud to bring our perfectly developed high-tech solution to our new customers. The quality of our doorbell system is the most exclusive one out there. I can strongly say that DoorBird is technologically the most developed one. We never compromise our high quality standards. Sophisticated products and excellent customer service are our prime focus. We can’t wait to share this experience with our new customers.”

DooBird’s high-quality products offer many convincing advantages to their customers. Aside from the most brilliant picture and audio quality, the DoorBird also offers an extended WiFi range as well as a remarkably fast and high quality connection with a low latency in audio and video. It connects to an existing door chime and electronic lock, gate or garage door opener and comes in exclusive weather proofed and tamper resistant stainless steel design.

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