Press release
Berlin, March 15, 2021

Yale announces new integration with DoorBird

New access solution with Linus® Smart Lock and DoorBird IP video intercom

DoorBird IP video door stations can now fully integrate with the Linus® Smart Lock, recently launched by Yale. The interoperability with the DoorBird IP Video Door Station means that users will now be able to open their door remotely with Yale Linus® Smart Lock via the DoorBird app directly.

Thanks to this new integration of the Linus® Smart Lock and DoorBird IP Video Door Station, consumers will be able to enjoy new benefits, including:

• Know who stopped by, even when you are out: Easily integrated into their home automation system through the DoorBird app, the DoorBird IP Video Door Station allows monitoring of the front door, gate, and garage door.

• Never miss a visitor again: With Yale and DoorBird, residents will know if the delivery person or friends have stopped by throughout the day, and even have the ability to have a two-way conversation with them – no matter where in the world.

• No more missed deliveries: Simply use the Linus® Smart Lock to grant the delivery driver temporary access to the hallway so they can leave the package inside, rather than in front of the door. Even while working remotely, deliveries need not disrupt busy schedules at home either.

As a leading provider of smart home security solutions trusted by millions of people around the world, Yale is committed to expanding the range of interoperable smart home security solutions and providing integrations with trusted brands.

DoorBird is a leader in IP video door communication and the brand name of Bird Home Automation Group. With over 100,000 intercoms installed worldwide, the Berlin-based manufacturer is dedicated to creating smart door stations for every home.  All products are made in Germany and combine modern design, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art IP technology.

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